What Can You Bet On in Cricket?

Cricket is a popular sport all over the world, attracting millions of fans and bettors alike. It is an exciting game with numerous betting options. Whether you are a seasoned bettor or a newbie, there are a lot of things you can bet on while watching a cricket game.

Match Results

One of the most popular betting options in cricket is the match result. This is simply betting on which team will win the game. There are three possible outcomes of the game: a win for the home team, a win for the away team, or a draw. Betting on the match result is very straightforward and is an excellent option for beginners who are just getting started.

There are different types of match results bets you can place. You could place a bet on the outcome of the game before it begins or bet live on the changing odds during the live match. Many online bookies provide live betting options, and you can place your bets as the game progresses.

Top Batsman and Top Bowler

In cricket, the top scorer is always the center of attraction, and so is the top bowler. While betting on cricket, you can bet on which player(s) will be the top scorer or take the most wickets. Top batsman and top bowler bets are an excellent way to bet on individual players' performances in the game.

You could bet on top batsman by wagering on the player who would score the most runs. You could also bet on top bowler by wagering on the player who would take the most wickets in the match. Both bets are usually made before the match begins.

Prop Bets

Prop bets are another exciting betting option for cricket. You can bet on anything from how many runs will be scored in the first over of the game to the number of sixes/powered by players in the game. Prop bets are usually about particular aspects of the game that are not related to the final outcome.

They might involve bets such as whether the first delivery of the game will be a wide, or whether a particular player will score a certain number of runs, or how long the first innings will last. Prop bets are worth considering because they usually have higher odds than regular bets, potentially leading to more significant payouts.


In conclusion, cricket offers a variety of exciting betting options that you can explore. Match results, top batsman and bowler bets, and prop bets are among the most popular betting options. Consider your betting goals, skill level, and knowledge of the game before placing your bets. But overall, remember that betting on cricket games is all about having fun and enjoying the game, and with a little skill and luck, you could win big in the process.

Can I deposit money in Bet365 from India?

Bet365 is a globally recognized online betting platform that offers various gambling options. It is one of the popular betting sites that provide reliable and convenient banking options for players. Many people in India are interested in using Bet365, but they are unsure if they can deposit money on this platform. In this article, we will explore the options available for Indian players to deposit money on Bet365.

Depositing money on Bet365 from India

Bet365 offers several convenient methods for Indian players to deposit money on its platform. The most popular banking options available for Indian players are Neteller and Skrill. These two e-wallets are widely used for online transactions, and many online betting sites accept them. To deposit money on Bet365 using Neteller or Skrill, you need to create an account with these e-wallet providers.

The process of depositing money on Bet365 from India

After creating an account with Neteller or Skrill, you need to link your bank account or credit card with it to transfer money. Once you have funded your e-wallet account, log in to your Bet365 account and click on the deposit tab. Choose your preferred deposit method, enter the amount you wish to deposit, and confirm the transaction. Bet365 does not charge any deposit fees, but your e-wallet provider may impose a transaction fee.

Other banking options for Indian players on Bet365

Apart from Neteller and Skrill, Bet365 also accepts debit and credit card payments. However, many Indian banks may decline transactions related to online betting. It is best to check with your bank if they allow online betting transactions. If your bank does not allow online betting transactions, you can consider using a pre-paid card like AstroPay, which is widely accepted on online betting sites.


Indian players can deposit money on Bet365 using e-wallets like Neteller and Skrill or pre-paid cards like AstroPay. These methods are convenient, secure, and widely accepted on online betting sites. Bet365 does not charge any deposit fees, making it an excellent platform for Indian players to indulge in online betting. So, if you are an Indian player interested in Bet365, you can deposit money on this platform without any hesitation.

Now that you know the reliable methods of depositing money on Bet365 from India, you can proceed with signing up and start betting. With exciting bonuses and an extensive range of betting options, Bet365 offers a seamless betting experience to players worldwide.

Which countries can register with Bet365?

Online betting has become a popular pastime for many people across the world. It provides an exciting way to experience sports events and maybe even win some money. Bet365 is one of the leading online bookmakers, but many people wonder: which countries can register with Bet365? In this article, we will explore the different options and give you more information on how to register with Bet365.

What countries is Bet365 available in?

Bet365 operates in many countries around the world. However, due to certain laws and regulations, there are some restrictions on which countries can register. You can check if your country is on the list by visiting the Bet365 website and selecting your country from the drop-down menu. Some of the countries where Bet365 is available include:

1. United Kingdom

2. Australia

3. Canada

4. New Zealand

These are just a few examples, and there are many more. You can also check with customer support to see if your country is registered. Bet365 is constantly expanding its reach, so it is worth checking back often to see if your country has been added.

How to register with Bet365

If you live in a country where Bet365 is available, you can register for an account by following these simple steps:

1. Go to the Bet365 website

2. Click on the \

Online Betting in India: Know the Consequences and Legal Penalties

Online betting, which is a popular form of online gambling, is a topic that is often debated in India. While some consider it as a way of earning quick money, others are concerned about its legal consequences. The truth is, online betting in India is illegal and can lead to significant legal punishments.

Online betting involves placing bets on sports or games through the internet using electronic devices. It is a popular form of gambling, especially among the younger generation, who are attracted to the convenience and easy access of online betting websites.

However, the Indian government does not consider online betting as a legal activity. Hence, anyone who engages in online betting is subject to legal action and can face severe consequences.

What are the Legal Consequences of Online Betting in India?

If caught engaging in online betting, the individual can be legally charged under the Public Gambling Act, 1867, and the Information Technology Act, 2000. The Public Gambling Act, 1867, prohibits all forms of gambling in India and provides specific provisions for punishment.

Under this act, gambling is considered a criminal offense and is punishable by imprisonment for up to three months, a fine of up to INR 200, or both. However, the punishment may vary based on the severity of the offense and the state law in effect.

Similarly, the Information Technology Act, 2000, regulates all online activities, including online betting. It provides provisions for punishment for unauthorized access or damage to computer systems, electronic devices, or networks.

Under this act, online betting is punishable with imprisonment of up to three years or a fine of up to INR 5 lakhs, or both. Moreover, if the offense is repeated, the punishment may be increased to up to five years of imprisonment and a fine of up to INR 10 lakhs.

Why is Online Betting Illegal in India?

The primary reason online betting is illegal in India is that it is considered a form of gambling, which is generally banned in most states. Moreover, online betting involves monetary transactions through electronic devices that are not easily traceable, making it more difficult for authorities to monitor and regulate online betting activities.

Additionally, online betting is perceived as a significant threat to society, particularly among the younger generation, as it can lead to addiction, financial instability, and social problems.

In conclusion, online betting is illegal in India and can lead to significant legal and financial penalties. It is essential to be aware of the legal consequences of online betting and avoid engaging in any such activities to stay safe and not face any legal action.